Interested in joining the Guild?

We know you have questions, so below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about joining the Guild.  We are a growing community of artists that are consistently looking for new artists and new ideas of how we can improve the art community in Rutherford County. We encourage you to join us in our efforts.

We welcome you to reach out to us if there are any other questions we can answer or additional information we can provide. You can reach us by email at or by phone at 828.288.5009.


I love art and want to get involved, but I'm not an artist. Do I have to be an artist to join the Guild?

No, not at all.  You can become a member of the Guild and help us improve the art community without having to be an artist. We have several members that are volunteers, but not artists. We have a "Friends of the Guild" membership that allows you to join at a discounted membership fee and still be a part of our mission.

Who can exhibit and sell in the VAC (Visual Arts Center) ?

Only members of the Rutherford County Visual Artists Guild ($45 annual fee) are eligible to apply to become Gallery Artists which means they can display and sell their art at the VAC.

What is the Commission on sales?

The Gallery commission on sales is 30 percent.

How do I apply to be a Gallery Artist?

Download the membership application form (or pick one up at the VAC) and submit it along with 3 to 5 photographs of your recent work. You may e-mail pictures and your application to, please put “gallery application” in the subject line.

How is my application evaluated?

The VAC Committee reviews applications. The Committee often asks applicants to bring in samples of their work if details cannot be evaluated from photographs. DO NOT bring samples of your work to the gallery unless you are asked to do so. Artists will be notified about the committee’s decision.

When do I bring my work to the Gallery?

Once your application is approved, you will be contacted for an appointment to bring in your work and sign a contract with VAC.  The number of items submitted to gallery may be limited depending on size and space.  You will be notified at time of acceptance as to number of pieces you may enter. Please read the Guidelines for Preparation of Gallery Artwork.

How does the VAC keep track of my display items?

When you bring your items into the VAC, you will fill out an Inventory form.  Additional items may be added to your inventory only by appointment with the medium coordinator and after they are entered on an Inventory Change form.

Note: If you also sell your artwork on the Internet, do not bring items to the Gallery that are offered for sale on the internet. The Gallery will not be held accountable for resolving any problems resulting from double sales of items sold in more than one location.

How do I mark and price my items?

Identification and pricing tags will be provided during your appointment with the coordinator.

What are my obligations as a Gallery Artist?

Artists who exhibit their work in the VAC are asked to volunteer in various ways. The VAC director will be glad to let you know what volunteer opportunities are available. If you are unable to volunteer your time, we ask that you help assist in supporting the VAC by donating various office and cleaning supplies or by serving on one of the Guild committees.


When bringing artwork to the VAC to be displayed or sold the following guidelines should be used to prepare your work for display.

Guidelines for 2-Dimensional Works:

  • All art must be your original work, clean, and in good condition
  • Use D-rings to hang framed artwork, with wires neatly wrapped
  • Gallery wrap-around canvas is accepted only if the edge has subject painting of solid color
  • Mats must be cut properly. Framed art must be padded and finished on the back
  • Glass must be clean do not use plastic or acetate
  • Artwork must be signed with your name. Put contact information on back (copy of bio may be placed on back of work)
  • Matted artwork must be in a clear sleeve for protection. State if original, print, or giclee. Bio may be included in sleeve

Guidelines for 3-Dimensional Works:

  • All artwork must be clean and in good condition
  • Work must be signed or identified with your name